From the assembly line to mold repair, there is hardly an area in the automotive industry where laser welding isn’t used.

There literally is no modern vehicle in which a laser isn’t applied during manufacture. From tooling repair to sealing the batteries for EV cars and trucks, laser welders offer value and technological advantages.

On the automotive production line, laser welders are used extensively. When defects are discovered in welds, flexible laser welding systems like Alpha Laser’s AL-ARM can be employed to repair the defects and keep the production line running.

In automotive tooling, billions of dollars are spent each year on tooling for new model production. Laser welders can be used to re-engineer existing molds and tooling so they can be employed in a new production cycle. This extends the life of the molds and tooling, potentially saving automotive companies and suppliers millions of dollars annually.

Laser welders can repair tooling and molds which other forms of welding cannot. From wear and tear to machining mistakes to damage caused during the mold injection process, laser welding can be employed to make these repairs quickly and get a production line back up and running within hours. For injected or poured molded parts, when defects like voids are discovered, laser welding can be used to quickly repair the defects.

Because of its restricted heat and minimal distortion, easy automation and repeatability, laser welding is the superior choice for automotive applications to reduce costs and improve production efficiency and quality.

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