Because of its restricted heat output, exceptionally high accuracy, and minimal distortion, laser welding is the superior choice for aerospace, military, and defense applications.

Laser welding can perform welds which are impossible with other forms of welding. Aerospace, defense, and military applications require highly specific materials, some of which cannot be effectively joined in the production process by other forms of welding. Components for these applications are very expensive and finished parts exhibiting even the slightest defects are frequently scrapped due to quality and safety specs. Because of its restricted heat output and minimal distortion, easy automation, low post-production, and extreme repeatability, laser welding is the superior choice for aerospace, military, and defense applications to improve production efficiency and quality.

Alpha Laser welders can reliably weld dissimilar materials together to create a harder face; a better wear surface; tolerate temperature extremes and other climatic conditions; tolerate atmospheric pressures experienced at high altitude and low depth.

Benefits of laser welding for aerospace, military, and defense:

  • Exceptionally high weld accuracy measured in microns
  • Ability to join dissimilar materials other forms of welding cannot
  • Minimal materials distortion
  • Extremely low heat output
  • Extremely low post-production
  • Low upkeep in production
  • Highly repeatable
  • Easy automation
Multiple bullet cartridge primers. War, ammunition aggression concepts

Alpha Laser equipment can be used manually or programmed for automation, making it the ideal choice for the entire development and production process, from prototype to finished device.

Example Applications

  • Heat exchangers, and critical parts for aerospace and defense.
  • Joining munitions such as grenade halves.
  • Welding high-value munitions to accommodate design adjustments made in the production process.
  • Manufacturing armor.
  • Joining military vehicles and combat equipment.
  • Repair defects in handguns and rifles to restore to them like-new condition.
  • Replace handgun markings.
  • Re-engrave firearms to look brand new.
disassembled fort-10r traumatic gun isolated on white

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