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Alpha Laser is dedicated to advancing laser welding technology across all manufacturing sectors, while maintaining the best laser welders on the market. We have the best and brightest team to assist our customers in using the laser welding systems effectively.



Blair is the President of Alpha Laser-US, and is the head problem solver of the team. Blair is a Journeyman Toolmaker and former Owner of a high cavitation mold design and build corporation. Blair is driven to teach all manufacturing sectors about laser welding and it’s benefits. Blair enjoys working every day with his 24 employees (children).

Email: blair@alphalaser.com
Phone: 814-336-9000 ext 202


Owner / Laser Welding Operator

Chris is one of the best Laser Welding Operators in the country, and specializes in teaching new welders / developing new welding processes. He loves to hunt, play ice hockey, and spend time with his family.

Email: chris@alphalaser.com
Phone: 814-336-9000 ext 205


Owner / CFO

Dave is our CFO with a vast knowledge of laser welding equipment and has over 15 years of experience in the industry. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

Email: dave@alphalaser.com
Phone: 814-336-9000


Owner / Laser Welding Operator

Mike is an Alpha Laser-US Owner and highly-skilled Laser Welding Operator, with a vast knowledge of laser welding technology. Mike is a sports car enthusiast who enjoys hunting and spending time with his wife and children.

Email: mike@alphalaser.com
Phone: 814-720-5493


Sales Executive

Michael is our Sales Executive with a vast knowledge of Laser Welding Equipment and has over 20 years of sales experience. Michael enjoys watching MMA and his favorite football team the Chicago Bears. He enjoys traveling to Chicago for it’s grand architecture and Los Angeles for it’s eclectic diversity.

Email: michael.barsanti@alphalaser.com
Phone: 814-336-9000 ext 214


Sales Representative

Jonathan is the Sales Representative for the Southeast United States, and has extensive experience with Laser Welding. He is also an excellent technician and welding trainer.

Email: Jonathan.filer@alphalaser.com
Phone: 814-336-9000 ext 232


Sales Representative

Nick is the Sales Representative for the Northeast United States and Canada, with nearly 10 years of sales and customer service experience in manufacturing. Nick enjoys mountain biking, travel, boating, fishing, hunting, and camping.

Email: nick.nahay@alphalaser.com
Phone: 814-336-9000 ext 219


Head Service And Training Technician

Chad Brickner is the Head Service Technician at Alpha Laser-US with an extensive electronics background, and strong troubleshooting ability. Chad loves to hunt, fish, and spend time with his family.

Email: service@alphalaser.com
Phone: 814-336-9000 ext 211

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